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All Out of Frags to Give!

In the year 9000, the most heinous of criminals are launched into space where they take part in the most violent reality TV program sensation, the 


As one of the prisoners, you have been subjected to an extremely painful and traumatic cloning process and are ready to take on up to three other convicts in a race to ravage each others' clone reserves. The last one standing wins the right to live!


Super Murder Death Match 9000 is a simple tabletop arena game for 2 to 4 players. Lock and load and prepare for a love letter to the Era of Shareware and the rise of the FPS. Collect weapons and power-ups, frag your friends, and claim your victory!


For 2 to 4 players
Requires: 4 six-sided dice
4 Player Markers
Scratch paper to track Health and Ammo
Vinyl Game Mat (preferred)

Download demo

SMDM9K Pit of Despair.pdf 578 kB

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