Actually Finishing the Game

Hello one and all! I'm WriterMonkey, the terrible person that made this mess of a game!

Just in case any of you are interested, I'm still working on it behind the scenes to try and... well, finish the darn thing. I'm not going to be updating the file until after voting has finished, of course (that would be cheating, and cheating is baaaaaaad) but if you like what you see, more is coming in the next month.

Things I need to finish:

Triggers to get to the end game and final boss

Fun interactables

XP pickups

An actual plot

And maybe some achieve-o's.

Thanks for checking out my game!


MS Paint Jam 2k17.exe 252 MB
Sep 21, 2017

Get MS Paint 2k17 RPG (Squiggle Quest)

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